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We're a full-service tile shop based in Port Kembla.

Dedicated to not only providing top-quality tiles and materials but also offering comprehensive interior design services tailored to each client's unique style and preferences.

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Our Mission

We want to create spaces that you fall in love with.

“I don’t want people to tell me what they want, I would like them to tell me how they want their space to feel. People have their minds made up until they see the bounty of possibilities out there”  



Our goal is to help you make your house feel like your home... just way prettier.

We offer expert guidance and a diverse range of tile options to transform your spaces into personalised sanctuaries that reflect your personality and elevate your living experience.

Our Story

Established in 1971, Phillips Tiles Company has been supplying, styling, and servicing both the local community of Port Kembla and the wider Illawarra region. As the interior design field is constantly in high demand and continuously evolving as the years pass by, a critical element in the process is the professionals who assist you throughout your journey. With over 52 years of experience, our expertise and intricate eye for detail have been adored, appreciated, and sought after by many.


Collectively it is through our extensive knowledge of the industry, carefully selected products, quality merchandise, business relationships and customer trust and loyalty, that have brought abundant success, and sustained the company’s legacy.

“The more you lay the better it gets”


“Many people don’t realise our passion. We are an industry that you don’t visit or spend the funds on often, and in that sense, it’s easy to become out of touch with concepts or fall into trends seen online.


Our ultimate goal is to pursue people’s individuality, get to know who they are, and create spaces that complement and align. In my opinion, it makes us stand out for our clients and is one of the most successful things about us.”

You cannot build something profound on fragile foundations.

We are dedicated to assisting you every step of the way.



Kind Words

"I’m so lucky to find Dimi and her team!
Dimi is brilliant at shop design, with a great showroom. She has a great experience if you need advice for tile and shop renovation."

- Gulcin Topel

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