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Modern Design for People Who Really Live in Their Spaces.

Welcome to Phillip's Tiles.

We don't just design rooms, we curate experiences.


Our Offering

Phillip's Tile is a Design Studio offering end-to-end design solutions to elevate your space, empowering you to build and renovate with confidence.

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Our Experience Pays

At Phillip's Tile, we firmly believe that every space has its own whimsical story to tell. With our unique, holistic approach, we develop strategic and effective design concepts to transform your space, be it residential, commercial, or industrial. 


Our solutions are more than just stylish; they're reflections of your unique personality. Together, we'll elevate your space - making your dreams come true. 

We're passionate about making people feel right at home, both in our home and in their own. 

Our commitment goes beyond aesthetics; it's about curating spaces that feel like home. We believe in the power of design to evoke emotions and create environments where people feel truly at ease, whether it's within the walls of our studio or the homes of our clients. Our passion lies in creating spaces that reflect the unique personalities and lifestyles of those who inhabit them.

Recent Project


Our recent bathroom project exudes timeless charm with soft pink hues, mosaic tiles, and luxurious gold finishes. The delicate palette and intricate details create a luxurious retreat, offering a perfect blend of modern sophistication and classic elegance.

Kinds Words

“Love the service I get here. Kim & Dimi know their tiles, have an abundance of style & give me guidance when I can’t make up my mind."

Kerrie McCabe

146 Red Cedar Lane 2 (1) (1).jpg

Intentional Design for Beautiful Spaces 

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